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  Welcome to Master Craft Engineering  

After nearly 54 years in the Metal Stamping business, Master Craft Engineering is still committed to providing a quality product at a competitive price. You're probably saying "How many times have I heard that". So, what really sets us apart from the rest of the pack?
Achieving the customer's goal. Ultimately, we are working for the customer to meet the demands of their business. This attitude has allowed Master Craft Engineering to obtain and maintain a stable customer base for many years.

Who is our customer base?
Any business needing a metal stamped component in the manufacturing of their product. Although, the bulk of our business has come from the automotive, agriculture and manufactured home industries. Our customer base is very diverse. With presses from 60 to 400 tons, we are capable of forming pieces up to 48" X 108". These capabilities allow us a wide range of production opportunity.

What is our goal?
Our goal is not to simply provide a metal part, but to produce a complete system from production to delivery. A system that attains the customer's expectations, as well as, our stringent demands


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